CD Teek (Record store in Eindhoven, Netherlands)

CD Teek

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Address: Kleine Berg 52, 5611 JV Eindhoven, Netherlands

Introduction: Welcome to Eindhoven Rockcity! Are you looking for new or used cd´s, dvd´s and vinyl records? Than the CD Teek is the shop in Eindhoven you’re looking for. O yes! We buy and sell all kinds of music like metal, pop, rock, electronics, jazz, blues, country, americana… You name it and we -almost always- got it. And if we don’t, we’ll try to order and/or get it for you. Feel welcome to visit our shop regularly, since we have weekly new and used cd’s and vinyls in stock. You'll find the CD Teek at Kleine Berg 52 in Eindhoven.

Sells: Records, T-shirts, record cleaning stuff, inner- & outer recordsleeves

Website: cdteek

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CD Teek, Eindhoven, Netherlands