Cave-Music Vinyl Revival (Record store in Glarus Süd, Switzerland)

Cave-Music Vinyl Revival

Glarus Süd, Switzerland
Specializes in Funk / Soul, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Reggae, Blues.

Address: Linthal, 8783 Glarus Süd, Switzerland

Introduction: Cave Music Group Ltd. is an independent music production groupOur services: - supply and purchase of records, CDs, etc. - record cleaning service - digitize records, tapes on CD and / or DVD - Radio Station - Cutting / Printing Records (also small pads) - Digital distribution to all known music platformCave Music Group Ltd.Office 32 19-21 Crawford Street, London W1H 1PJ England

Sells: Records, Schellack Records, Children Records (Stories)


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Cave-Music Vinyl Revival, Glarus Süd, Switzerland