CANDILEJAS (Record store in Spain)


Specializes in Rock.

Address: Plaza Pintor Eugenio Chicano, 29008 Málaga, Spain

Introduction: CANDILEJAS (Limelight) is the oldest record store in Malaga currently running. Opened in 1978 and since day one it has offered for both residents and visitors a varied selection of music, mainly Independent covering Flamenco, Rock, Reggae, Heavy Metal, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Blues, OST, Funk, Soul. They have new vinyl releases, classic records and selected second-hand items. They actually stock all formats, vinyl, CD, DVD etc. as well as a large selection of t-shirts of bands and musicians. If there is some item you'd like to track down, they will be able to dig up pretty much anything if it's still out there. If you are newly into vinyl, or tracking down copies of your old faves, then there is no better place to dig up the past and see the future at the same time. Forget streaming services, nothing beats the look, feel, smell and of course the SOUND of vinyl!!It is located in a cosy little renovated square tucked away in the old town, in an arts development known as La Brecha.Visit us whenever you want...

Sells: Records, VINYL, CDs, TSHIRTS, Posters

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