Bump 'n Grind (Record store in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States)

Bump 'n Grind

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
Europe (2)
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Address: 1200 E W Hwy, Silver Spring, MD 20910, USA

Introduction: Coffee and vinyl records. These are two of our favorite things. They each bring joy to our senses; taste, smell, auditory. Each has also seen technology deliver these pleasures to a faster, consumer driven world, whether it be a cup of coffee, our favorite espresso drink, or the sound of music. We believe that much like a record spinning on a platter and the slow drip of a pour over, coffee and music are both best enjoyed in their most analog forms. So we decided to combine the two and bring the South Silver Spring Community a coffee shop with a love and passion for great coffee, espresso, and vinyl records. Hand poured individual coffees from around the world are offered and rotate as harvesting seasons come and go. We've worked with Vigilante Coffee to create our own, signature espresso blend which can be found only at Bump'nGrind. We have highly curated and small selections of new release vinyl with a focus on dance music, jazz, funk, soul, dub, rock, hiphop, and everything in between. Two listening stations allow customers to get lost in music and refine their selections prior to purchase. We hope you will enjoy our laid back atmosphere and relax to free wireless internet and a community turntable stocked with a crate of records for every customer to dig into and find gems to play over the shop's sound system or personal headphones. Come see why, sometimes, the best things are enjoyed at a slower pace.

Sells: Records, Coffee, Tea, Small eats and salads, Baked goods, Artisinal Flatbread Pizzas, Burritos

Website: bumpngrind.co

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Bump 'n Grind, Silver Spring, Maryland, United States