Brooks Berdan Ltd. (Record store in Monrovia, California, United States)

Brooks Berdan Ltd.

Monrovia, California, United States
The Heptones
Fetured Artist

Address: 110 W Olive Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016, USA

Introduction: Brooks Berdan Ltd. was founded by the late, great audiophile, Brooks Berdan and his wife Sheila. We have become known as a leader in representing the finest in audio components. Assisting our customers in achieving a pleasing listening environment in their own home has always been a top priority for us. We have three listening rooms packed with several brands and products and a hallway packed with NEW and USED records, from first pressings to audiophile classics.

Sells: Records, Turntables, Speakers, Integrated Amplifiers, Digital Streamers, Headphones


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Brooks Berdan Ltd., Monrovia, California, United States
Brooks Berdan Ltd., Monrovia, California, United States