Brixton (Record store in Bilbao, Spain)


Bilbao, Spain
Specializes in Reggae, Funk / Soul, Rock.

Address: Goienkale, 24, 48005 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain

Introduction: Record label specialized in Jamaican sounds.Active since 1994, and for 4 years in the Old Town of Bilbao, Brixton Denda offers a wide selection of music in all formats and media with a special predilection for Jamaican sounds, music from the 60s and punk, besides various goodies related to music: books, fanzines, clothes, dvd ...Older address: Goienkale, 24, 48005 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain

Sells: Records, Clothing, Merchandise, Books, Magazines


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Brixton, Bilbao, Spain
Brixton, Bilbao, Spain