Bombenscheiben - The Temporary Plastic Bomb Record Store (Record store in Duisburg, Germany)

Bombenscheiben - The Temporary Plastic Bomb Record Store

Duisburg, Germany
Specializes in Rock.

Address: Heckenstraße 35, 47058 Duisburg, Germany

Introduction: Plastic Bomb is a long-going, punk & hardcore-related quaterly fanzine, mailorder, online shop, record label and now also record store.The idea to open an old school brick-and-mortar shop came about because we wanted to establish something special for the winter months. A cozy place for the punx & hardcore kids and all other kinds of misfits to come, hang out, have a drink and shop till they drop.We also have a special event every Saturday. Please check our facebook page for the schedule.The shop is more or less a pop up store, i.e. it will only be a temporary thing. Bombenscheiben will be around from November 14th to January 12th. After January, we will just have to see what the future holds for us. Please keep that in mind. We are very much looking forward to a visit from you!

Sells: Records, DVDs, Fanzines, Books, Hair Dye, CDs, Merchandise, Jackets, Vests, Special Edition Box Sets, Tapes, Everything punk-related.

Website: Facebook

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Bombenscheiben - The Temporary Plastic Bomb Record Store, Duisburg, Germany