Bis Aufs Messer (Record store in Berlin, Germany)

Bis Aufs Messer

Berlin, Germany
Specializes in Folk, World, & Country, Electronic, Jazz, Reggae, Non-Music, Rock.

Address: Marchlewskistraße 107, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Introduction: we are small record store in berlin and also do mailorder. We carry a wide range different music genres (from Punk, Garage over Indie to World/ Soul/ Jazz to Electronica, Soundtracks, Folk, Singer Songwriter, Guitar Picking and Metal. Its mostly new but also a handful of 2nd hand titles. We also host art shows by artists we feel connected too. Bis Aufs Messer is also the home of ADAGIO830 records. A record label that released a bunch of records over the last 15 years by various artists and various genres.

Sells: Records, Fanzines, Books, art stuff, DVDs, Merchandise


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Bis Aufs Messer, Berlin, Germany
Bis Aufs Messer, Berlin, Germany