Bij Klaas (Record store in Enschede, Netherlands)

Bij Klaas

Enschede, Netherlands

Address: De Heurne 39, 7511 GZ Enschede, Netherlands

Introduction: Opened in 2015, Bij Klaas has a shop full of mostly new CDs and DVDs which he is buying in bulk lots. There also is a big row of 2nd vinyl, all priced 10 EUR (albums) 5 EUR (12inches & classical music) 1,50 EUR (7inches). Bands with familiair names are often priced higher, but you can find real bargains for 10 EUR as the owners have no clue of the prices of records. This shop moved early 2018 to this new location, a former Pet Shop, and it still has an occasional whiff of rabbit smell.

Sells: Records

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Bij Klaas, Enschede, Netherlands