Beatin’ Rhythm (Record store in Prestwich, Manchester, England, United Kingdom)

Beatin’ Rhythm

Prestwich, Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Specializes in Funk / Soul.

Address: Bank House Studios, Warwick St, Prestwich, Manchester M25 3HN, UK

Introduction: If you’re a fan of Northern Soul, you’ll probably already know about Beatin’ Rhythm. It’s a temple to powder-shuffling soul power, staffed by people who eat, sleep and breathe music. There’s a stunning selection of rare soul 45s but they also do nice lines in Doo Wop, 50s Rock, Rockabilly and Country. Soul survivors can never go back to Wigan Casino, but an afternoon of crate-digging here may be something of a consolation

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Beatin’ Rhythm, Prestwich, Manchester, England, United Kingdom