Bear Family Records (Record store in Holste, Germany)

Bear Family Records

Holste, Germany

Address: Grenzweg 1, 27729 Holste, Germany

Introduction: Bear Family Records Vinyl Corner – Homemade Treasures The selection criteria to our vinyl issues and reissues are focussed on the products uniqueness. That means on one hand the recordings - and regarding a reissue the rarity of its original - and on the other hand the quality! Quality already starts with technical handling like disc transfers from best possible vinyl or shellac sources and mastering from original master tapes. Quality is also visible! Take a note on cover artwork, no matter if it's a reproduction of an original or a brand new design. And not to forget the quality of vinyl! During the 1980s and 90s and sometimes even today many record companies use recycled vinyl material mostly in a very thin format. We keep away from that mess as we only use fresh virgin vinyl to fulfill the magic performance of best possible sound on our vinyl records!

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Bear Family Records, Holste, Germany
Bear Family Records, Holste, Germany
Bear Family Records, Holste, Germany