Area 51 (Record store in Braintree, England, United Kingdom)

Area 51

Braintree, England, United Kingdom
Specializes in Hip Hop, Funk / Soul, Electronic, Jazz, Pop, Reggae, Rock.

Address: 65 South St, Braintree CM7 3QD, UK

Introduction: Small record shop moments from the Braintree town railway station, Area 51 provides a wide range of new and used vinyl records spanning various styles of Electronic music including Drum & Bass, House, Trance, Techno, UK Garage and Dubstep. we allso sell Pop. Rock. Funk&Soul. reggae. Jazz. Disco. + more

Sells: Records, decks / leads / mics / disco lights / smoke machine + fluid / amps / mixers

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Area 51, Braintree, England, United Kingdom