Academy Records & CDs (Record store in New York, United States)

Academy Records & CDs

New York, United States
Curtis Mayfield
Fetured Artist

Address: 12 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011, USA

Introduction: Academy Records & CDs is located on 12 W. 18th Street in the historic Flatiron district of Manhattan. We have been serving the community and visitors from around the globe since 1976. Our storefront offers a varied selection of LPs, CDs, and DVDs, with a small selection of books, primarily on music and cinema.

Sells: Records, Dinosaurs, CDs, Accessories, Books, Blu-ray, Cassettes, Collectibles, DVDs, Gifts, Magazines, Memorabilia, Movies, Records, VHS, Vinyl

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Academy Records & CDs, New York, United States