Various - The Music Of Grand Theft Auto V - VinylWorld
Volume 1: Original Music
Welcome To Los Santos
Smokin' And Ridin'
Old Love / New Love
Change Of Coast
Nine Is God
High Pressure Dave
What's Next?
Nowhere To Go
R - Cali
Hold Up
Life Of A Mack
The Set Up
Don't Come Close
Volume 2: The Score
We Were Set Up
A Legitimate Business Man
A Haze Of Patriotic Fervor
Los Santos At Night
North Yankton Memories
The Grip
Mr. Trevor Philips
A Bit Of An Awkward Situation
No Happy Endings
His Mentor
(Sounds Kind Of) Fruity
Minor Turbulence
Chop The Dog
A Lonely Man
You Forget A Thousand Things
Impotent Rage/Am I Being Clear Now?
Fresh Meat
Therapy And Other Hobbies
Rich Man's Plaything
The Agency Heist
Hillbilly Crank Dealers' Blues
Welcome To Los Santos (Outro)
Volume 3: The Soundtrack
The Kill
I Am A Madman
Jasmine (Demo)
I Get Lifted
What You Wanna Do
Can't Hardly Stand It
Life Of Crime
Es Toy
Gabriel (Soulwax Mix)
I'd Rather Be With You
Hollywood Nights
From Nowhere (Baardsen Remix)
Say That Then
I Ain't Living Long Like This
Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
All The Things She Said
Harm In Charge
This Mystic Decade
Mirror Maru