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Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin

Vashti Bunyan Just Another Diamond Day

Necros (2) Sex Drive

The Professionals (10) That's Why I Love You Did My Baby Call

94 East Feat. Prince Be My Fortune Teller I Just Wanna Be

Sam Williams (5) Let's Talk It Over Love Slipped Through My Fingers

Sangie Davis* And L. Perry* Devon Irons & Doc Alimantado* Words Vampire

Ferris (3) Ferris

Agnostic Front United Blood e.p.

Necronomicon (3) Tips Zum Selbstmord

Mellow Candle Swaddling Songs

The Martineques If You Want To Call Me My Baby She Can't Dance

Nat Hall You Don't Know (Just How I Feel)

Johnny Hallyday ジョニイ・ハリデイと彼の親衛隊 = Johnny Hallyday Et Ses “Fans”

Burzum Aske

Roger Waters The Wall

Lewis Baloue* Romantic Times

Dr. Z (3) Three Parts To My Soul (Spiritus, Manes Et Umbra)

Curtis Anderson The Hardest Part

The Differences Five Minutes

My Solid Ground My Solid Ground

Satyricon Dark Medieval Times

Clarence Townsend I Found A New Love

Alessandroni* Spontaneous

The Harvey Averne Dozen Dynamite Never Learned To Dance

Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger

Young Identities EP

The Kinks The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society

Los Supremos (3) Los Supremos

Danny Ben Israel Bullshit 3 ¼