Record Stores in Malmö, Sweden

Musik & Konst | Record Store

Musik & Konst

Address: Spångatan 5, 211 44 Malmö, Sweden
Small shop directed to rock, pop, blues, americana. New and used records, vinyl and cds.Previously run by the late great writer, journalist and producer Lennart Persson, the most influential person on the Swedish contemporary music scene ever.

Rundgång | Record Store


Website: Facebook
Address: Kristianstadsgatan 14, 214 23 Malmö, Sweden
Vinyl record store at Möllevången.Lots of new and used vinyl records, indie, metal, soul, reggae, jazz, punk, techno, electro, house, rock, pop, italodisco, kraut and psych.

Bolero record store | Record Store

Bolero record store

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Address: Karlskronaplan 11, 214 36 Malmö, Sweden
Sound+Matter record store in Malmö focused in electronic and alternative music in all physical formats, New & second hand. Sound+Matter also run their own labels: bodies and Sores.

Lilla Torgs Seriemagasin | Record Store

Lilla Torgs Seriemagasin

Address: Larochegatan 5, 211 34 Malmö, Sweden
Nice collection of used rock, prog, psych, metal, reggae, blues, folk, jazz, soul and swedish music. Price range 5-20EUR. A few rarities may occur. Small premises and records are cramped in boxes.Arne sells comic books as well, so half the store is filled with that.

Repeat Records | Record Store

Repeat Records

Address: Amiralsgatan 27A, 211 55 Malmö, Sweden
Moderate size store of mainly used rare and fine vinyl LP, 7" and cd records.Prog, psych, folk, blues, heavy, kraut, electronica, metal, jazz, reggae.Records sorted on genre, decade and country, e.g. "60's us psych".E-mail:

Folk Å Rock | Record Store

Folk Å Rock

Address: Skomakaregatan 11, 211 34 Malmö, Sweden
New and used cds and vinyl in most genres, also classical.In-and outdoor café seating.

Blue Desert Music | Record Store

Blue Desert Music

Address: Östra Förstadsgatan 33, 212 12 Malmö, Sweden

Rytm | Record Store


Address: Almbacksgatan 17, 211 54 Malmö, Sweden

Bläddringscentralen | Record Store


Address: Claesgatan 8, 214 26 Malmö, Sweden
Here's where you find the best record of the year. A personal selection of good and better music, old and new. We sell used vinyl records and some CD's. Sometimes we get new titles from certain labels, if we find something we like extra much and want to share with others.

Dåndimpen | Record Store


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Address: Södra Förstadsgatan 80, 214 20 Malmö, Sweden
¤ Newly opened ¤Ca 3000 priced records ranging from cheap to very expensiveBig stock of traditional jazz and some indie.With an ambition to focus a bit on exotic finds and world music.We Buy/Sell/Exchange --- Покупаем / продаем / обмениваем --- เราซื้อ / ขาย / แลกเปลี่ยน --- Wǒmen gòumǎi/chūshòu/jiāohuànAnyị na-azụta / Ree / mgbanwe --- ما خرید / فروش / مبادله می کنیم ---نحن نشتري / نبيع / نستبدل