Record Stores in Madrid, Spain

The Doors
Fetured Artist


Address: Calle del Barco, 43, 28004 Madrid, Spain
Second hand shop with a lot of vinyls of all genres

Is The Place

Website: Discogs
Address: Calle Gran Vía, 40, 28004 Madrid, Spain
New record Store in Madrid. News and 2nd hand. We have in stock a meticulous selection of music ranging from Ambient Techno, House, Dub Techno, Disco, Hip-Hop,

Sun Records

Address: Plaza Santo Domingo, 8, 28013 Madrid, Spain


Address: Calle de las Navas de Tolosa, 4, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Spanish record shop opened in 1977


Address: Calle Hermanos de Pablo, 6, 28027 Madrid, Spain
Tienda de discos, DVD's y libros de segunda mano.

Rara Avis

Address: Calle de la Palma, 17, 28004 Madrid, Spain

La Integral

Address: 28014 Madrid, Spain
A small bazar with a great selection of records. Pop, psychodelia, rock n' roll, punk, folk, new wave, soul, electronica...

Fnac Callao

Address: Calle de Preciados, 28, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Department store with 1 floor for CD's & vinyl.

Potencial Hardcore

Address: Calle Lozano, 2, 28053 Madrid, Spain
Since 1986 selling

Melting Pot Records

Address: Eugenio Salazar 52 (entrada por Benigno Soto), 28002 Madrid, Spain
Label & record store specialized in underground music on vinyl. Drum&bass, jungle, reggae, dub, dubstep, hardtek, tribe, hardcore, techno, acid techno, ragga ju

Discos Babel

Address: Costanilla de los Ángeles, 5, 28013 Madrid, Spain
New and used record store. 60s/70s, Garage, Trash, Surf, Rock, Alternative, Jazz, Españoles, Heavy metal, Stoner, Hard 80s, AOR

Sinfonía Discos

Address: Calle de Fernando el Católico, 59, 28015 Madrid, Spain
In the heart of Chamberí, you are waiting for a real shop for collectors.You will find on CD, DVD or Special collectors VINYL all that music and movies that its

Discos Killers

Address: Calle de la Montera, 28, 28013 Madrid, Spain

La Quinta de Mahler

Address: Calle Amnistía, 5, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Classical music only: CD, SACD, DVD, Blue-Ray, Books

Big Mamma

Address: Calle Divino Pastor, 22, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Discos Kristel

Address: Calle de Bordadores, 11, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Spanish record shop from Madrid.

Bajo el Volcán

Address: Calle del Ave María, 42, 28012 Madrid, Spain
Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rock'n'roll, Beat, Garage, Psicodelia, Folk, Progresivo, Heavy, Punk, Indie


Address: Calle de Andres Mellado, 24, 28015 Madrid, Spain
In record business since 1990, dealing with new and second hand vinyl records; Pop - rock - metal - funk - soul - progressive - Indie - Punk - garage - Spanish

Cuervo Store

Address: Calle Velarde, 13, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Rock and Roll Circus

Address: Calle de las Conchas, 4, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Emily Discos

Address: Paseo de la Ermita del Santo, 14, 28011 Madrid, Spain
Mailorder Fax: (91)464 62 45

Club Amigos Del Disco

Website: Facebook
Address: Calle de Fernández de los Rios, 93, 28015 Madrid, Spain

Delia Records

Address: Calle Delicias, 19, 28045 Madrid, Spain
Shop and rock label based in Madrid. Music= Different kinds of rock, on vinyl.Also some Cds tooOn weekends they have free live concerts on the shop during all d

Del Sur

Address: Calle de los Caños del Peral, 9, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Record shop focus on import, anternative and dance music.