Record Stores in Madrid, Spain

Disco Express | Record Store

Disco Express

Address: C. de Fernández de los Ríos, 93, 28015 Madrid, Spain
Record Shop and MailorderFax: (91)549 00 78

Big Mamma | Record Store

Big Mamma

Address: Calle del Divino Pastor, 22, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Skinny Records | Record Store

Skinny Records

Website: Facebook
Address: Calle de la Encomienda, 17, 28012 Madrid, Spain
We're specialized in 1940's and 1950's music and clothing. Rockabilly, Rock & Roll, Rhythm 'n' Blues, Psychobilly, Surf, Hillbilly, Country, Swing

Is The Place | Record Store

Is The Place

Website: Discogs
Address: Calle Gran Vía, 40, 28004 Madrid, Spain
New record Store in Madrid. News and 2nd hand. We have in stock a meticulous selection of music ranging from Ambient Techno, House, Dub Techno, Disco, Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, Jazz and variants. Distribution of Downbeat records, Freebeat, Memories on Wax, Eleve...

Fnac Callao | Record Store

Fnac Callao

Address: Calle de Preciados, 28, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Department store with 1 floor for CD's & vinyl.



Address: Calle del Barco, 43, 28004 Madrid, Spain
Second hand shop with a lot of vinyls of all genres

Revolt Music | Record Store

Revolt Music

Website: Discogs
Address: Calle de Tribulete, 18, 28012 Madrid, Spain
Small store located in the center of the lavapiés neighborhood in Madrid.Buying and selling records, books and musical instruments.Two Sundays a month we do performances, record presentations ... everyone is especially welcome musicians.

Escridiscos | Record Store


Address: Calle de las Navas de Tolosa, 4, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Spanish record shop opened in 1977

Sun Records | Record Store

Sun Records

Address: Plaza Santo Domingo, 8, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Discos El Tesoro | Record Store

Discos El Tesoro

Website: Facebook
Address: Calle de Juan Tornero, 38, 28011 Madrid, Spain
Tienda en Madrid de discos, libros, comics...Vinyl shop. It also has books, comics...

Liquidator Music | Record Store

Liquidator Music

Address: Calle de las Dos Hermanas, 22, 28012 Madrid, Spain
Record store from Liquidator Music's record label.Focused on black music from the '60s and 70's but specialized in Jamaican music from that era.Open to other musical genres like Surf, Latin, Garage or Punk Rock.Opens 7 days a week.Placed in Madrid's city center.

Bangla Desh | Record Store

Bangla Desh

Address: Costanilla de los Ángeles, 5, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Spanish record shop Madrid based.LPs, CDs, 7", CD singles, Maxis, new releases and collectables.Fax. 915476500email:

Del Sur | Record Store

Del Sur

Address: Calle de los Caños del Peral, 9, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Record shop focus on import, anternative and dance music.

Sinfonía Discos | Record Store

Sinfonía Discos

Address: Calle de Fernando el Católico, 59, 28015 Madrid, Spain
In the heart of Chamberí, you are waiting for a real shop for collectors.You will find on CD, DVD or Special collectors VINYL all that music and movies that its hardly dificult to find elsewhere.Opera, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Electronic.

Rotor Discos | Record Store

Rotor Discos

Address: C/ Gran Vía, 40, 28004 Madrid, Spain
Cult record store that is the first specialized electronic music store in Spain.Founded in 1987 as a mail order catalogue and linked from the beginning to the "Esplendor Geométrico Records" label (Geometrik Records afterwards). Started out centered on industrial and experimental music, but later opened up to a whole bunch of electronic and avant-garde music styles such as: ambient, IDM, techno pop, sound art, electro-acoustic, techno, glitch, dark, noise, "krautrock", pioneers of electronic music, etc... In our store you will find a collection of vinyls, CDs, cassettes and books. Brand new and second hand products. We are located in a 6th floor of a building in the middle of Gran Vía (Madrid´s city center). Home of Geometrik Records, a veteran label that publishes mainly the legendary industrial group Esplendor Geometrico, but also works in the field of Spanish electronic music.

Discos La Metralleta | Record Store

Discos La Metralleta

Address: Calle del Postigo de San Martín, 1, 28013 Madrid, Spain
2nd hand, Sell & Buy store, CDs, DVDs, Vinyls, BROne of the first second hand records shops in Madrid. Since late 60s in "Rastro" of Madrid, the first shop opened in mid 70s in Gran Via and Peña Atalaya streets, then in Plaza Las Descalzas, Plaza del Ángel, Calle Gaztambide y Calle Costanilla de los Ángeles. Nowadays only open in Plaza Las Descalzas since 1985.

Discos Kristel | Record Store

Discos Kristel

Address: Calle de Bordadores, 11, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Spanish record shop from Madrid.

La Negra | Record Store

La Negra

Address: C. de Eugenio Salazar, 9, 28002 Madrid, Spain
La Negra is a record store in Prosperidad, a popular neighborhood of Madrid, Spain. The store specializes in punk, hardcore, and garage rock. But in their crates, you can also find other genres such as hard rock, rockabilly, psych, synth pop, reggae, ska, rocksteady... La Negra is the place to be in Madrid! And there's more! They also sell books, fanzines, and clothing.

Melting Pot Records | Record Store

Melting Pot Records

Address: Eugenio Salazar 52 (entrada por Benigno Soto), 28002 Madrid, Spain
Label & record store specialized in underground music on vinyl. Drum&bass, jungle, reggae, dub, dubstep, hardtek, tribe, hardcore, techno, acid techno, ragga jungle, dubwise, electro, bass, breaks, minimal, house, second hand & collector stuff.

Potencial Hardcore | Record Store

Potencial Hardcore

Address: Calle Lozano, 2, 28053 Madrid, Spain
Since 1986 selling

Discos Satelite | Record Store

Discos Satelite

Address: Calle de la Ribera de Curtidores, 8, 28005 Madrid, Spain
Second hand vinyl shop

Delia Records | Record Store

Delia Records

Address: Calle Delicias, 19, 28045 Madrid, Spain
Shop and rock label based in Madrid. Music= Different kinds of rock, on vinyl.Also some Cds tooOn weekends they have free live concerts on the shop during all day

Bajo el Volcán | Record Store

Bajo el Volcán

Address: Calle del Ave María, 42, 28012 Madrid, Spain
Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rock'n'roll, Beat, Garage, Psicodelia, Folk, Progresivo, Heavy, Punk, Indie

Radial | Record Store


Website: Discogs
Address: Calle del Conde Duque, 7, 28015 Madrid, Spain
With amazing customer service this brick & mortar store specializes in American house, electro and techno as well as new deep house, drone and techno releases. You can also find a modest selection of Disco, your occasional modern jazz and world music.Conveniently located in the heart of Madrid, on the 6th floor of Calle Gran Vía, 40, Radial Store offers listeners a couple of state-of-the-art listening stations and an iPad for browsing in-store and in-stock releases, all set in a cozy ambiance with a hip backdrop of fine vinyl displays. If you'd like to shop the carefully curated record selections from the convenience of your living room while sipping a coffee, you can browse it straight from its virtual Discogs store (

La Integral | Record Store

La Integral

Address: 28014 Madrid, Spain
A small bazar with a great selection of records. Pop, psychodelia, rock n' roll, punk, folk, new wave, soul, electronica...