Record Stores in Delft, Netherlands

Fetured Artist

Plexus alias 't Platenmanneke

Website: Discogs
Address: Voldersgracht 11A, 2611 ET Delft, Netherlands
Large Vinyl Shop

Muziekhandel van Buytene

Address: Binnenwatersloot 16, 2611 BK Delft, Netherlands
Muziekhandel van Buytene is specialised in classical music on CD and DVD.They also repair, maintain and rent out pianos and grand pianos

Sounds Delft

Address: Brabantse Turfmarkt 83, 2611 CM Delft, Netherlands

VelvetMusic Delft

Address: Voldersgracht 3, 2611 ET Delft, Netherlands
Delft branch of the VelvetMusic chain of stores. Large collection of CDs and vinyl, regular in-store performances by well-known artists.

Meneer van Ulden

Address: Rotterdamseweg 396, 2629 HH Delft, Netherlands
Only used records