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Distridiscos - Record Store Image
Sell: Records
Country: Spain
Address: Calle de la Plata, s/n León, Spain, Spain Maps
Intro: Spanish record shop focus on import, bootlegs, Maxi-singles, CD and out of stock records.
H-Records - Record Store Image
Sell: Records
Country: Spain
Address: Santa Anna nº 38 Reus Spain, Spain Maps
Intro: Garage, Punk, Hardrock, Hardcore, Rock & Roll, etc, etc.
Vinilarium - Record Store Image
Sell: Records
Country: Spain
Address: Ronda Sant Pau 17-19 08015, Barcelona, Spain Maps
Intro: 2nd hand dance/electronic Note : Located at Galeries Olimpia Local 32
Forever Analog - Record Store Image
Forever Analog
Sell: Records, Vintage HIFI equipment
Country: Spain
Address: 20 Calle Canales Bajo, Spain Maps
Intro: New record store in Cartagena Spain, selling vinyl, cds and cassettes. With a focus on Elefant Records and BCore.
Y Que Viva Joplin - Record Store Image
Y Que Viva Joplin
Sell: Records, Books, magazines, show tickets
Country: Spain
Address: Calle Martin de los Heros 18 Madrid, Spain, Spain Maps
Intro: A record store
Discos Amsterdam - Record Store Image
Discos Amsterdam
Sell: Records, There are also quite merchandising (shirts, patches, posters, etc).
Country: Spain
Address: Av. de Pius XII, 2, 46009 València, Spain Maps
Intro: Amsterdam is a record store founded in 1982 by Juan Vitoria and Miguel A. Galan and linked to the concept of forming a club passionate about music, so the store has organized concerts and is closely related to a radio show as "The 39 Sounds ". In the shop there is a special care in dealing with collectors, whether vinyl or CD, vintage sounds as contemporary art and have a search of any product, including hard to find original vinyl. Last year we organized the "Rockin 'Shopping Center" with 23 el
Acetato Records - Record Store Image
Acetato Records
Sell: Records
Country: Spain
Address: Pelayo 12, 46007 Valencia, Spain Maps
Intro: rock, pop, metal, prog.
Moby Disk - Record Store Image
Moby Disk
Sell: Records
Country: Spain
Address: Rambla de la Llibertat, 46 17004 Gerona Spain, Spain Maps
Intro: Indie specialists, National Indie, Pop, National Pop, Punk, Hardcore, Pop Rock, Electronic, Metal, Heavy, Gothic, Ska and all the music of National Import and indie music. Collector moving music, and a large catalog on CD and vinyl. We are expanding our offer books that relate to the music. In our catalog you can find official merchandise.
Sol Negre Música - Record Store Image
Sol Negre Música
Sell: Records
Country: Spain
Address: c/ Joan Maragall 15 17220 Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Spain Maps
Intro: A record store
Musicadictor - Record Store Image
Sell: Records
Country: Spain
Address: Seva (barcelona), Spain Maps
Intro: More of 25 years of experience
Shiva Music - Record Store Image
Shiva Music
Sell: Records, Books, T-Shirts, Merchandising, Musical Delicacies
Country: Spain
Address: Carrer del Còs del Bou, 15 43003 Tarragona, Spain Maps
Intro: SHIVA MUSIC is a small independent record store of CDs - VINYLS - DVDs and other musical delicacies. We opened our psychedelic doors in 2002 and we are located in the heart of Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain, Europe, The World. We're so proud to have a great selection of the best music in our store for your pleasure... check 'em out you'll love 'em!!! Our main interest is the 60s and 70s music, especially psychedelic rock but we also have many other styles, such as modern rock, Garage, Soul, Jazz,
Groucho's - Record Store Image
Sell: Records, CDs, Cassettes, DVDs, box sets, Blu-Rays, Books, t-shirts, badges, posters, record players, gig tick
Country: Spain
Address: Av. de Francesc Macià, 58-60 08208 Sabadell, Spain Maps
Intro: A record store
Discos Cucos - Record Store Image
Discos Cucos
Sell: Records, Merchandising, Radiocassettes, walkman, turnables…
Country: Spain
Address: C/Santa Lucía 41 Santander,Cantabria. Spain., Spain Maps
Intro: 33,45rpm,Cd´s,cassettes,merchandising.. Jazz,Blues,Soul,Funk, Disco,Reggae,Electronic,Latin,Rock,Pop,etc..
Radio City - Record Store Image
Radio City
Sell: Records
Country: Spain
Address: Calle Conde Duque, 14 28015 Madrid, Spain Maps
Intro: Open since 2005. Nick Lowe y Stiff Records, Bleecker & MacDougal, Johnny Otis, Flying Nun Records, Kelley Stoltz, la Wrecking Crew, Ben Vaughn, el 1619 Broadway on 49th Street, Otoño Cheyenne, Cosimo Matassa, el "Proper Ornaments" de Free Design, PAREDERISTAS, parecerse a Michael Nesmith, Buck Owens los Gosdin Brothers y el Bakersfield Sound, los Soft Boys, Gillian Welch, Elephant 6, John Phillips, Cobra Records, Beachwood Sparks, Ahmet Ertegun, Deram, "Do You Believe In Magic?", los Flatlanders
Bajo el Volcán - Record Store Image
Bajo el Volcán
Sell: Records, Books
Country: Spain
Address: C/ Ave María 42. 28012. Madrid, Spain Maps
Intro: Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rock'n'roll, Beat, Garage, Psicodelia, Folk, Progresivo, Heavy, Punk, Indie
Discos Marcapasos - Record Store Image
Discos Marcapasos
Sell: Records, Books, Merch
Country: Spain
Address: C/Duquesa, 6. 18001 Granada. Spain, Spain Maps
Intro: Pop / Rock Funk / Soul / Freestyle / Trip Hop Jazz Hip Hop Reggae / Dub / Rocksteady Electrónica
Discos Bora Bora - Record Store Image
Discos Bora Bora
Sell: Records, Books, Magazines, Merch
Country: Spain
Address: Plaza Universidad, nº1 local 7 18001 Granada, Spain, Spain Maps
Intro: Second Hand
Tres Bonobos - Record Store Image
Tres Bonobos
Sell: Records, Clothing, Accesories, Books, Showcases, Art.
Country: Spain
Address: Calle Dr. Collado Piña & Calle Pérez Galdós, 02003 Albacete, Spain Maps
Intro: Desde septiembre de 2017, somos el punto de Cultura Musical que Albacete necesitaba. Música en vinilo, ropa exclusiva, complementos, libros, accesorios, showcases, exposiciones, firmas de discos… todo lo que engloba nuestra cultura, en pleno corazón de Albacete.
El Almacén de Discos - Record Store Image
El Almacén de Discos
Sell: Records, Recording Studio
Country: Spain
Address: Minas 13, 28004, Madrid., Spain Maps
Intro: Recordstore specializing in Electronica, Techno, House, Wave, Electro, Experimental, Ambient, Soul, Funk, Disco, Italo, World Music, Jazz, Rock, Alternative, Dub, Raggae, Bass Music, Hip Hop, Spanish Labels and rarities NEW & SECOND HAND
Discos Fans - Record Store Image
Discos Fans
Sell: Records
Country: Spain
Address: Calle Hórreo, 80 bajo 15702 Santiago de Compostela Spain, Spain Maps
Intro: A record store
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