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Blutopia - Record Store Image
Sell: Records, CDs
Country: Italy
Address: Via del Pigneto 116/116a – 00176 Roma, Italy Maps
Intro: Rock, Jazz, Blues, Electronic, Reggae etc..
Wizard - Record Store Image
Sell: Records
Country: Italy
Address: Via Bartolini 7, Udine, Italy Maps
Intro: Used CDs and vinyls, vast selection of genres and bands, you can bring your own records and sell or trade them according to the owner's estimate.
LA FENICE - Record Store Image
Sell: Records, Hi-Fi vintage, Giradischi vintage, amplificatori e sintonizzatori, Casse vintage, Complementi e acce
Country: Italy
Intro: Vendita dischi in vinile vintage, da collezione e nuovo.
Beczar Rare Recordings - Record Store Image
Beczar Rare Recordings
Sell: Records
Country: Italy
Address: Via Squarcione, 15, 35122 Padua, Italy, Italy Maps
Intro: A great record shop and cultural association in Padova (Italy). The shop is located in Via Squarcione, a side road of Piazza delle Erbe, in the historical centre of Padova. At Beczar Rare Recordings you can find a great selection of LP and CD of independent labels. If you like indie pop , folk and rock this is your record store! Payments by cash and cards
ErnyalDisko - Record Store Image
Sell: Records
Country: Italy
Address: Via Galata 106r, Genova, Italy Maps
Intro: Vendita e Acquisto Vinile-CD
Vinylone - Record Store Image
Sell: Records, 33/45 Records - Hi-Fi (Turntable, Amplifier, Speaker). Dischi vinile 33/45 giri, - Giradischi, Ampli
Country: Italy
Address: Via Ugo Polonio 1b - Trieste - CAP 34125, Italy Maps
Intro: ENG: Only used vinyl record shop. 33/45 rpm records. The only one in Trieste, (Only used Records). YES: Pop, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Italian music, Funk, Disco, Soul, Reggae, Soundtrack, "1 euro section". NO: Classical music or Mix (House, Techno 90>). ITA: Negozio di soli dischi in vinile 33/45 giri usati. Gli unici a Trieste (Solo usato). SI: Pop, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Musica Italiana, Funk, Disco, Soul, Reggae, Colonne sonore, "Sezione 1 euro". NO: Musica classica, dischi mix (Hous
Le Disque Record Store - Record Store Image
Le Disque Record Store
Sell: Records, dj equipment
Country: Italy
Address: Via Scuderlando 276 - 37135 Verona, Italy, Italy Maps
Intro: Le Disque Record Store, since the opening year in 1988, has a wide and careful selection of vinyls and cds, concerning different musical styles. It also offers the best brands for the Audio & DJ equipment. Bozak’s Italian Official Dealer. It was one of the first music stores in Italy to sell quality Dance music: House, Disco, Classics, Techno, the scene of Chicago, Detroit and updates with contemporary sounds as Minimal, Tech-House and Dubstep. First to support the West London scene, better know
Hole Records - Record Store Image
Hole Records
Sell: Records
Country: Italy
Address: viale della Vittoria 14a Montebelluna 31044, Italy, Italy Maps
Intro: independent music shop, new and used cds and vinyls. indie, new wave, stoner, psychedelia, progressive, etc.
Dischinpiazza - Record Store Image
Sell: Records, CDs, DVDs, Concert tickets, T-shirts, Music Posters, Movie Posters, Merchandising
Country: Italy
Address: Piazza Mazzini 35 41121 Modena, Italy, Italy Maps
Intro: Vendita di cd e vinili di rock, jazz e classica. Dvd musicali e cinematografici, t-shirt e merchandising rock. Novità major e indie, cataloghi a basso prezzo, promozioni. Prevendita spettacoli.
Moving Records - Record Store Image
Moving Records
Sell: Records, Comics, DVD, t-Shirts, Books, Posters...
Country: Italy
Address: Villorba SS 13 Pontebbana Via Newton 32, Italy Maps
Intro: new and used Vinyl and cd
DISCHIPONTE - Record Store Image
Sell: Records
Country: Italy
Address: Bassano del Grappa Via Angarano 9, Italy Maps
Intro: A record store
Semm Music Store & More - Record Store Image
Semm Music Store & More
Sell: Records, T-shirts & Apparel, Gadgets, Turntables, Marshall, Rega, Crosley, Ricatech, Groove Sound, Headphones
Country: Italy
Address: Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 24, 40126 Bologna, Italy Maps
Intro: Quite new store in the centre of Bologna. Vinyls / Cd - New & Used - Special Limited Editions - arrival of all genres (mostly rock, indie, electronic, alternative)
Move On - Italian Pub & Record Store - Record Store Image
Move On - Italian Pub & Record Store
Sell: Records, Craft Beer, Books, Accessories, Turntables
Country: Italy
Address: Piazza San Giovanni, 1/R 50123 - Firenze., Italy Maps
Intro: We sell Italian craft beer and records. We really love listening to good records while drinking the finest italian craft beers.
180Grammi vinyl-shop - Record Store Image
180Grammi vinyl-shop
Sell: Records
Country: Italy
Address: Via Frassinago 4a Bologna, Italy, Italy Maps
Intro: Opened 2016
I Want To Believe Records - Record Store Image
I Want To Believe Records
Sell: Records
Country: Italy
Address: via gian matteo giberti 19/a roma, Italy Maps
Intro: warehouse of records: electronic music since early 90's. Not a street shop, so first you need to get in touch with them. Sellers are welcome. expected: HOUSE & TECHNO & AMBIENT
Mint Sound - Record Store Image
Mint Sound
Sell: Records
Country: Italy
Address: via Sante Vincenzi 2/A, Bologna, Italy Maps
Intro: Club Music Vinyl Store in Bologna. Only House, Techno, Jazzy House, Ambient Techno and Drum'n'Bass selection. Also musical events and open consolle.
Phonoluxe Records - Record Store Image
Phonoluxe Records
Sell: Records, DVD, Blu-rays, Cassettes, & 8 tracks
Country: Italy
Address: Via dei Banchi 15 , Firenze 50121, Italy Maps
Intro: Over 30 years in business. Open FRIDAY & SATURDAY 10-7 SUNDAY 12-6. We buy and sell RECORDS, CD'S, MOVIES, MUSIC COLLECTIBLES, Vintage Concert Shirts... Also want to buy 45's (especially 1950's/60's ) .
Istinti Musicali - Record Store Image
Istinti Musicali
Sell: Records, Music memorabilia, T-Shirts, Music-related gift items
Country: Italy
Address: Via delle Albizzie, 20, 00172 Roma RM, Italy Maps
Intro: Specialized in Metal
Sound Cave - Record Store Image
Sound Cave
Sell: Records
Country: Italy
Address: Via Daniele Crespi, 7 - 20123 Milano, Italy Maps
Intro: Aperto dal 1996, il punto vendita Sound Cave è il punto di riferimento per la musica estrema a Milano
Vinylbrokers - Record Store Image
Sell: Records
Country: Italy
Address: Via Privata Pericle, 4, Milano, Italia, Italy Maps
Intro: Vinyl record store basically focused on second hand US pressings. Open since 2006.
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