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Mr Vinylios - Record Store Image
Mr Vinylios
Sell: Records, CDs
Country: Germany
Address: Maastrichter Str. 10 50672 Köln, Germany Maps
Intro: Mr Vinylios Record Store, located at Ifaistou 24 Street, Monastiraki (Athens City), is an independent music store. The store was founded in 1993 by Giannis Mavros who was at that time a radio producer in many Athen's radio stations. Mr Vinylios Record Store houses more than 50.000 titles and specializes in imports from USA. This large collection contains many music genres such as: -Greek music: Éntekhno, Laïkó, Rebetiko, Rock, Soundtracks -Rock, Heavy-Black-Death Metal, Psychedelic rock, Dark
Musik als Hilfe - Record Store Image
Musik als Hilfe
Sell: Records
Country: Germany
Address: Pallaswiesenstrasse 21 64293 Darmstadt Germany, Germany Maps
Intro: New and second hand
Soundcircus - Record Store Image
Sell: Records
Country: Germany
Address: Frauenstr. 40 89073 Ulm Germany, Germany Maps
Intro: Vinyl, CDs both new and 2nd hand. Hip Hop, Rock, Metal, Techno, Drum & Bass and more
Vinyl & Coffee - Record Store Image
Vinyl & Coffee
Sell: Records
Country: Germany
Address: Küferstr. 37 Am Wolfstor 73728 Esslingen, Germany Maps
Intro: A record store
Die Schlachtplatte, Peißenberg, Germany - Record Store Image
Die Schlachtplatte, Peißenberg, Germany
Sell: Records, Vinyl Neu und Gebraucht
Country: Germany
Address: Schongauerstr. 43 82380 Peißenberg Germany, Germany Maps
Intro: Vinyl An- und Verkauf Blues, Rock, Progressive, Krautrock, Wave und Punk
Pop Art - Record Store Image
Pop Art
Sell: Records, CDs, DVDs, Audio Cassettes, Patches, Books, VHS Cassettes, .
Country: Germany
Address: Hochstraße 67 42105 Wuppertal Germany, Germany Maps
Intro: Record store with tons of vinyl, specialized on second hand, with a small "new releases corner" compared to used records. A lot of rock/pop, world music, metal, classic, soul, funk, soundtrack, obscure non-music, as well as cheap bargain classics of all style in a second room.
Selekta Reggae Record Shop - Record Store Image
Selekta Reggae Record Shop
Sell: Records, Streetwear, DJ Equipment, DVDs
Country: Germany
Address: Schulterblatt 18 20357 Hamburg, Germany Maps
Intro: Dub / Reggae / Rocksteady / Dancehall / Dubstep / Ska / Soul / Funk / Calypso / Afro Specialized in 7"es / Direct Imports
Nobbis Plattenladen - Record Store Image
Nobbis Plattenladen
Sell: Records, CDs, DVDs, some Books
Country: Germany
Address: Marienstr. 21 53225 Bonn Germany, Germany Maps
Intro: Approximately 30.000 records in stock. Well sorted with reasonable prices. Based in Bonn Beuel since 1995.
Halle 2 - Record Store Image
Halle 2
Sell: Records, electronics, toys, books, CDs, DVDs, furniture, paintings, dishes
Country: Germany
Address: Peter-Anders-Straße 15, Germany Maps
Intro: Secondhandstore for used goods operated by the City of Munich. Lots of used vinyls with nearly daily replenishments.
Remedy Records - Record Store Image
Remedy Records
Sell: Records
Country: Germany
Address: Stellinger Steindamm 2 22527 Hamburg, Germany Maps
Intro: Mostly metal
Musikzimmer - Record Store Image
Sell: Records
Country: Germany
Address: Untere Str. 10 69117 Heidelberg, Germany Maps
Intro: A record store
Brique Conceição - Record Store Image
Brique Conceição
Sell: Records, electronics, books, VHS, DVDs, CDs
Country: Germany
Address: Viktoriastraße 28 D-56068 Koblenz, Germany Maps
Intro: Used Records
Warschauer Music Store - Record Store Image
Warschauer Music Store
Sell: Records
Country: Germany
Address: Warschauer Straße 77 10243 Berlin, Germany Maps
Intro: A record store
Deep End Records - Record Store Image
Deep End Records
Sell: Records
Country: Germany
Address: Bremerhaven, Germany, Germany Maps
Intro: More than 10,000 records in the shop. Jazz, funk, soul, psych, progressive, industrial, avant garde, 60s, 70s, punk, soundtracks, kraut and many rarities.
Kontor Records - Record Store Image
Kontor Records
Sell: Records, Vinyl, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Equipment, Rental Professional Audio, DJ-Booking
Country: Germany
Address: Perleberger Str. 3 16866 Kyritz, Germany Maps
Intro: Oldest Record Shop in Brandenburg
Schallhandel - Record Store Image
Sell: Records
Country: Germany
Address: Luxemburger Str. 72 50674 Cologne, Germany Maps
Intro: A record store
Harry Jaksch - Record Store Image
Harry Jaksch
Sell: Records
Country: Germany
Address: Kolonnenstraße 64, 10827 Berlin, Germany Maps
Intro: An intimate store run by Harry Jaksch. His collection is up for sale and trade in this tiny store.
Rainers Plattenladen - Record Store Image
Rainers Plattenladen
Sell: Records
Country: Germany
Address: Marburger Tor 3, 57072 Siegen, Germany, Germany Maps
Intro: Rainers Plattenladen is the first place to go if you're looking for well sorted 2nd Hand Vinyl and Cds in the Area of Siegen/Südwestfalen. Rainers Plattenladen ist seit mehr als 15 Jahren die erste Anlaufstelle für 2nd-Hand Vinyl und CDS im Siegerland und Südwestfalen. Der Fokus liegt auf Rock und Blues der 60er, 70er und 80er, aber auch Metal und Punk und andere Stilrichtungen finden hier statt.
Muting The Noise - Record Store Image
Muting The Noise
Sell: Records, t-shirts, accessories, posters
Country: Germany
Address: Blücherstrasse 22, 10961 Berlin, Germany, Germany Maps
Intro: Webshop that primarily sells house/techno. Opening hours only thursdays 16-20 and by appointment.
Ezop antikvarijat - Record Store Image
Ezop antikvarijat
Sell: Records, Music CDs, Old Books and Postcards
Country: Germany
Address: Hoferstr. 32 95182 Döhlau, Germany Maps
Intro: Shop with a lot of used records and CDs, as well as books and postcards.
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