xtcr (Record store in Busto Arsizio, Italy)


Busto Arsizio, Italy
Specializes in Electronic.

Address: Piazza S. Michele, 4, 21052 Busto Arsizio VA, Italy

Introduction: Record shop opened in April 2020, based in Italy. We deal mainly with House, Techno, Minimal, Dub, Funk and Disco records and our suppliers are the major European distributors of electronic music. From Moodymann to Theo Parrish, Basic Channel, Rhtyhm&Sound to Baby Ford and everything of the underground scene + a large section of super-selected second-hand records, merchandising items (t-shirts, shop bags) and occasionally studio gear and PA.Being this shop the fruit of our passion - music in general but also the world of clubbing and events - every Saturday we organize DJ sets and performance in-store with artists.Have a nice dig!

Sells: Records, Merchandise

Website: xtcrecordshop.com

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xtcr, Busto Arsizio, Italy
xtcr, Busto Arsizio, Italy
xtcr, Busto Arsizio, Italy