WORLD RECORD SHOP (Record store in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States)


Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Solomon Burke
Fetured Artist

Address: 2184 E 54th St, Indianapolis, IN 46220, USA

Introduction: Iconic music store 40 years. Largest quality music inventory. We can order any CD, DVD, RECORD being made. Also stock posters, decals, turntables, VINYL care, etc. Everything is discounted. Generational family business. All styles of music. The Source of blues, jazz, soul, reggae, GOSPEL, hip hop, old school club, gap, edm. Etc.

Sells: Records, Large selection cool gifts, INCENSE, oils, PIPES, Posters, Stickers, CBS products. Huge 99c section.

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WORLD RECORD SHOP, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States