Vinyl & Chill (Record store in Ypres, Belgium)

Vinyl & Chill

Ypres, Belgium
Specializes in Hip Hop, Blues, Electronic, Rock, Pop, Classical, Folk, World, & Country, Jazz, Funk / Soul, Latin.

Address: Elverdingestraat 6, 8900 Ieper, Belgium

Introduction: Vinyl & Chill is a place where music is at front. A place which, as the name make you expect, is more than just a regular musicshop.Vinyl & Chill wants to be the center of creativity for the city of Ypres. A place where musiclovers and musicians can meet in a sphere of positive energy. It contains besides a great selection of new and second hand records, a professional recording studio and a store to buy or rent audiovisual material.There is also a selection of workshops and courses to learn how to deejay and produce music.

Sells: Beer, Coffee, DJ Gear, Headphones, Records, Vinyl

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Vinyl & Chill, Ypres, Belgium
Vinyl & Chill, Ypres, Belgium