Tunica, Mississippi, United States
Fetured Artist

Address: 936 Friendship Dr, Tunica, MS 38676, USA

Introduction: Tens and tens of thousands of Albums, 45's and Tapes in a large steel building behind my home. Most every genre but VERY strong in Classic Rock and Jazz. LOVE quantity buyers and you can load up in this "honey hole". No set hours so much but if I am in town (sometimes doing a record show or craft fair) please call and I will do my best to work within YOUR schedule. Many SS and thousands of unplayed Rock, Jazz and Old School Rap Hip Hop (bought a HUGE DJ pool with everything unplayed) so there are some really cool records in this as yet to be discovered by the masses "shop". Give me a call. Hope to see you & thanks!

Sells: Records, Refurbished Vintage (mostly all 70's Silver Face...the GOOD stuff) Audio Equipment...Receivers, Amps, Turntables & Speakers (gone through by a great tech with 40+ years to his credit), Posters, thousands of tapes.

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