The Vinyl Groove Records (Record store in Bedford, Ohio, United States)

The Vinyl Groove Records

Bedford, Ohio, United States
Jóhann Jóhannsson
Fetured Artist

Address: 679 Broadway Ave, Bedford, OH 44146, USA

Introduction: The Vinyl Groove is an independent record store nestled in the heart of downtown Bedford, Ohio. Since 2014, the Vinyl Groove has amassed a loyal base of customers among discerning music lovers. With its vast collection of used and new records, its affordably priced vintage audio equipment, and its friendly and knowledgeable staff, the Vinyl Groove is definitely the best record store that has ever existed. We welcome enthusiasts, historians, and archaeologists of all stripes! With used records being added daily, the Vinyl Groove is a veritable cornucopia of musical artifacts waiting to be discovered! We offer Clean used, New and participate in all WEA and RSD events! Turntable and Audio equipment and supplies as well!

Sells: Records, New and used stereo equipment, turntables and speakers. Replacement JICO stylus available, U-Turn, Okki Nokki and Audio Technica dealer., Speakers, Accessories


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The Vinyl Groove Records, Bedford, Ohio, United States