The Music Exchange

Nottingham, England, United Kingdom
Novi Singers
Fetured Artist

Address: 2 Stoney St, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG1 1LG, UK

Introduction: ABOUT THE MUSIC EXCHANGE SHOPThe Music Exchange is more than just an independent record shop. Most importantly, it is a social enterprise that is dedicated to supporting Nottingham’s local community as well as its music scene.The shop is part of EVE Trades and the store acts as a safe platform wherein vulnerable individuals from the Framework homelessness charity and the wider community in Nottingham are given the opportunity to gain independence and re-build social networks by volunteering in the shop.We ensure that we provide a safe environment for individuals who have experienced a period of unsettled life to rebuild their self-esteem whilst gaining invaluable retail experience.For more information regarding Eve Trades and the work that they do please visit their website

Sells: Records


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