Run For Cover (Record store in Rødovre, Denmark)

Run For Cover

Rødovre, Denmark
Specializes in Hip Hop, Funk / Soul.

Address: Hvidovrevej 80a, 2610 Rødovre, Denmark

Introduction: Record Label now turned into store specializing in streetwear and graffiti equipment, with a selection of vinyl and DJ equipment. Mostly hiphop/rap, r'n'b/soul and DJ mixes/samples.Also releases a lot of their own vinyls, mostly Danish hip hop exclusives and classics previously unreleased on vinyl. Often only sold in their store and webshop.(Moved from København NV to Rødovre in June 2016)

Sells: Records, Streetwear, Spray Cans, Art Supplies, Books, Magazines, DVDs, Art


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Run For Cover, Rødovre, Denmark
Run For Cover, Rødovre, Denmark