Massive International London (Record store in London, England, United Kingdom)

Massive International London

London, England, United Kingdom
Fetured Artist

Address: 43 Middle Yard, Camden Town, London NW1 8AL, UK

Introduction: Massive international formally known as Big Broad and Massive is a community based record shop that actively promotes and support the young and talented people of the London inner city. We have been involved in community activities since 1982. Originally a youth organisation called, Hackney Youth in Progress. B.B.M was created as a fund raising initiative after the demise of the Greater London Council, who up to 1984 had been our funding body...…. We work with DJ,s Producers, Musicians, Artists and Promoters who have a positive and conscious attitude to their work, regardless of race colour greed or sexual orientation...……. We strive to make the human race a better race...…..!!!!!!!!!!

Sells: Records, T.Shirts, Reggae Music Memorabilia, Cultural Artifacts, Tams, Leather Crowns, Rastafarian and Reggae Publications, Posters, Flags, CD'S Reggae DVD'S Turntables and accessories


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Massive International London, London, England, United Kingdom