Indiepunk Records (Record store in Lörrach, Germany)

Indiepunk Records

Lörrach, Germany
Specializes in Blues, Electronic, Folk, World, & Country, Funk / Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Pop.

Address: Kirchstraße 4, 79539 Lörrach, Germany

Introduction: Record-Store & Mailorder based in Lörrach, Germany (close to the swiss-french-german border).We are specialized in Punk, Hardcore, Independent, Altrernative, Underground, 60's, Rock'n'Roll,Garage, Rock, HipHop, Electronic Music. And we LOVE VINYL !!!!!!

Sells: Records, Zines, Hi-Fi Equipment, CDs, Amplifiers, Accessories, Blu-ray, Buttons, DVDs, Movies, Speakers


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Indiepunk Records, Lörrach, Germany
Indiepunk Records, Lörrach, Germany