Honky Tonk Discos (Record store in Vigo, Spain)

Honky Tonk Discos

Vigo, Spain
Fetured Artist

Address: Rúa da Falperra, 18, 36202 Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain

Introduction: Honky Tonk Discos is a Record Store located in Vigo (Spain) and operating since 1997. We are specialized in vinyl but have CD's, DVD's and books too. We have all kinds of music...from Country to Kraut, Bossa or Grindcore. New & Used records...recent releases, reissues, all time classics...everything!!!

Sells: Records, Cleaning and storage products for vinyl records

Website: honkytonkdiscos.com

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Honky Tonk Discos, Vigo, Spain
Honky Tonk Discos, Vigo, Spain