Folk Arts Rare Records (Record store in San Diego, California, United States)

Folk Arts Rare Records

San Diego, California, United States
Dead Prez
Fetured Artist

Address: 3072 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104, USA

Introduction: Folk Arts Rare Records is a San Diego music institution and one of the oldest record stores in California. The business was started by Lou Curtiss, a festival organizer, cultural preserver, and local luminary. Lou brought innumerable legendary musicians to perform in the San Diego area, to the delight of music aficionados. These included Tommy Jarrell, Lydia Mendoza, Bukka White, Dennis McGee, Rose Maddox, Bill Monroe, and hundreds of others. Music icons like Tom Waits, Sam Chatmon, and the underrated local bluesman Thomas Shaw performed in the store.New owner, Brendan Boyle, plans to work tirelessly to keep this iconic record store alive.

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Folk Arts Rare Records, San Diego, California, United States