Electric Palace Records (Record store in Tenterden, England, United Kingdom)

Electric Palace Records

Tenterden, England, United Kingdom
Earth, Wind & Fire
Fetured Artist

Address: The Fairings, Tenterden TN30 6QX, UK

Introduction: Electric Palace Records is Kent's smallest record shop, pioneering the new wave of vinyl for the rural Kentish Town of Tenterden in the South-East of England. Approximately 150sq feet and carrying roughly 1500+ records at any one time, we buy and sell to and from the local community and surrounding areas; as well as to the wider world via online outlets (See our catalogue on Discogs currently, with Ebay listings for 1st pressings and rarities ending daily - own website under construction).We are proud to stock rarities - promotional and 1st pressings - including the ongoing collection for sale of an ex-Island Records executive; however we're happy to handle buying or the selling of anyone's collection on their behalf - not just record executives!Get in contact via our shop email address (eprtenterden@gmail.com), through our eBay outlet (EPRonline) or come into the shop to discuss possibilities with us.We do also order stock of vinyl and CD into the shop for customers on request, including new releases, original and re-presses, all within reach of tea or freshly ground (locally sourced and blended for us) coffee.Come in and say hello, as we're always keen to meet similarly minded people!- The Electric Palace Records Team

Sells: Records, Coffee, CDs, Music DVDS, Themed coasters and musical miscellania.

Website: ebay.co.uk

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Electric Palace Records, Tenterden, England, United Kingdom
Electric Palace Records, Tenterden, England, United Kingdom