Deepgroove Records

Ellicott City, Maryland, United States
Specializes in Funk / Soul, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Classical, Electronic, Folk, World, & Country, Latin.

Address: 3720 Maryland Ave, Ellicott City, MD 21043, USA

Introduction: Whether you collect vintage LPs from 1950-85, 45 rpm singles, or even fresh 78 rpm discs for Great Grandad's windup Victrola, you're sure to find something interesting and bargain priced.In addition to 9 bins of CLASSIC ROCK and 5 bins of worthwhile vintage JAZZ, we also feature a great selection of CLASSICAL LPs, CHILDRENS, SPORTS-RELATED, COUNTRY-WESTERN, 50s-60s ROCK n ROLL, BROADWAY CAST ALBUMS, COMEDY LPs, and FILM SOUNDTRACKS -- in short, most anything worth collecting from the golden era of the LP -- music that truly withstands the test of time (so in other words, you won't find any Lawrence Welk or Mitch Miller albums in my booth!) For collectors of 45 rpm singles, we specialize in oddball labels and obscure artists from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Something for every taste, condition that will make you smile, and reasonably priced. The perfect combination for the discriminating vinyl enthusiast. We are constantly re-stocking, so do come back often and follow us on Facebook where we often post photos of new additions. We are open 7 days a week, 363 days out of the year, rain or shine!

Sells: Records, CDs, Collectibles

Website: Facebook

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