Bongiovanni (Record store in Bologna, Italy)


Bologna, Italy
Specializes in Classical, Folk, World, & Country, Jazz, Pop, Blues, Stage & Screen.

Address: Via Ugo Bassi, 31/F, 40121 Bologna BO, Italien

Introduction: The Bongiovanni Store is specialized in classical music since it first opened for business in the centre of Bologna in 1905.Today we stock a huge range of CDs, DVDs and Vinyls on labels from all over the world and in all genres – opera, orchestral, chamber, medieval, renaissance, baroque and modern. And a large number of music scores, tutors, magazines and books on music are also available from us.

Sells: Gadgets, scores, Books, Cassettes, VHS, CDs, DVDs, Gifts, Magazines, Movies, Mugs, Records, T-shirts, Tapes, Vinyl


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Bongiovanni, Bologna, Italy
Bongiovanni, Bologna, Italy
Bongiovanni, Bologna, Italy