Amo Lps Discos (Record store in Blumenau, Brazil)

Amo Lps Discos

Blumenau, Brazil

Address: Bom Retiro, Blumenau - Santa Catarina, 89010-130, Brazil

Introduction: Only store the "high-valley" where is located the best clubs in the world, you can will find that Lp missing in your collection, a place where he had the same charm the stores I frequented area when I was younger, that points where people were arguing about music, about the collections they had, where everyone could identify as dig the same culture of vinyl records. Personalized service with music and djs with experience of over 25 years

Sells: Records, rock, pop, Hip Hop, rap, Disco, house music, dance music, eletronic music, italo disco, euro disco, euro dance, hi-energy, brazilian, rarities and more


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Amo Lps Discos, Blumenau, Brazil