2 Bridges Music Arts (Record store in New York, United States)

2 Bridges Music Arts

New York, United States
Bruce Springsteen
Fetured Artist

Address: 75 E Broadway #205, New York, NY 10002, USA

Introduction: 2 Bridges Music Arts sells new and used records, tapes and books while staging exhibitions and events from our post in a Chinatown mall. The space is meant to host overlapping tendencies in experimental music, art and knowledge production internationally.We are located in the New York Mart mall at 75 East Broadway, directly under the Manhattan Bridge. Access to the space is through the mall’s main entrance. Please use the stairs or elevator to reach our location at Suite #205 on the second floor.

Sells: Records, Books

Website: 2bridgesnyc.net

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2 Bridges Music Arts, New York, United States