1724 Records (Record store in Beijing, China)

1724 Records

Beijing, China

Address: Beijing, Beijing, China

Introduction: 1724唱片, 中国后摇唱片厂牌. Founded in June 2006, 1724 Records, which is located in Beijing, is a mini label focusing on spreading indie music.The name 1724 roots in that truth: the feeling and inspiration in youth will affect the trajectory of your life. 1724 Records believes that music has the power to rebuild the shape of our soul. Based on this concept they have issued albums and eps for musicians such as 48V, Thumb Girls, oNEwAY, kayak, pentatonic, YiyuanLiang,Summer Fades Away,saisa,The Grinding Ear,Sparrow,Amber,Muggle,etc.Now 1724 Records is concentrating on Post-rock and Folk music, including electronic, experimental, ambient and some other types. They are trying to bloom indie music and hope that more and more people can touch the feeling of youth through their music.As a branch of the net media IndieChina(www.indiechina.com/), 1724 records is also engaged in artist management. Till now they have organized numbers of live shows and music festivals for their musicians. <br> ContactEmail: info@1724records.com <br> 工作微信:label1724 <br><br> 2006年6月成立于北京后,1724唱片陆续辅助20组音乐人完成了超过40款唱片和500场以上演出。在此期间,1724逐步建立了出品、经纪、演出、版权、宣传等环节的资源积累和执行规范。 <br> 以上均由牛磊(road)在业余时间完成,来自合作乐队、志愿者、专业人士的协助,则让1724更像是一个基于同样爱好的小型社群。一样,欢迎你也加入:) <br> 作为音乐领域创业者(随声科技),牛磊暂无将1724彻底商业化的考虑。出于更合理有效分配精力的考虑,以及十几年对后摇滚的偏爱,1724唱片于2017年6月由泛独立音乐转型为后摇滚类型厂牌。2018年1月,厂牌名字由拾柒贰肆改为更简单易记的1724。 <br> 1724唱片<br> info@1724records.com.<br> 微博@1724唱片<br> 微信订阅号 records1724<br> 工作微信 label1724<br>

Sells: Records, tour organizing, promotion.

Website: 1724records.com

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