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Delusion Of The Fury - A Ritual Of Dream And Delusion

Exordium: The Beginning Of A Web
Act I - On A Japanese Theme
Chorus Of Shadows
The Pilgrimage
Emergence Of The Spirit
A Son In Search Of His Father's Face
Cry From Another Darkness
Pray For Me
Sanctus: An Entr'acte
Act II - On An African Theme
The Quiet Hobo Meal
The Lost Kid
Time Of Fun Together
The Misunderstanding
Arrest, Trial And Judgement (Joy In The Marketplace!)
Pray For Me Again A STRANGE FEAR!
The Instruments Of Harry Partch
Partch In Prologue Adapted Viola
Chromelodeon I Blo-Boy
Adapted Guitar
Harmonic Canon II
Diamond Marimba
Bass Marimba
Cloud-Chamber Bowls
Spoils Of War
Marimba Eroica
Surrogate Kithara
Kithara II
Harmonic Canon I
Chromelodeon II
Chromelodeons I & II
Mazda Marimba
Gourd Tree & Cone Gong
Eucal Blossom
Quadrangularis Reversum
Harmonic Canon III (Blue Rainbow)
Hand Instruments - Partch In Epilogue
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